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the great white continent

Exploring Antartica is the experience of a lifetime - the biggest glaciers in the world, king penguins, whales, ..

 A trip to Antarctica can be done from November to March, mainly by ship.


Some of them leave from Ushuaia or Punta Arenas, but you can also have the option to fly to a scientific base and board a ship on the continent.


We do have the most complete options for navigations in Antarctica, but also the possibility for south pole expeditions, to see this remote and pristine region.

Very expensive destination due to the remoteness and supply, we also offer expeditions, of the most extreme in the world, visits of colonies of emperors penguins in camping, we also have the possibility to reach the South Pole, 1000 km inside the Antarctic continent , combining a small plane flight with a visit at the American scientific base near the south pole, reaching the south pole walking or cross-country skiing, an experience to live.

Live the experience of the extreme south 

Discovery of the largest glaciers in the world

Paradise Bay, Lemaire Channel, Livingston Island, breathtaking landscapes, accompanied by penguins and whales.

Expedition to the South Pole, 90º0’0’’S

Reachable only by small planes and camps, it is a journey of another dimension. Please contact us for more details

Follow in the footsteps of the emperor penguin

Immersion in the heart of the Antarctic continent by following and observing the penguins and the local fauna in complete exclusivity.

Kayaking among icebergs

All in safety, a feeling of freedom and modern-day explorer in a unique site.

Antarctica in pictures...

South Pole B 6 by ALE
South Pole B 4 by Eric LarsenALE
South Pole B 3 by Marco Cayuso
South Pole B 2 by John BeattyALE
Ski South Pole B 5 by Russ HepburnALE
South Pole B 1 by David RootesALE
Ski South Pole B 4 by Dylan TaylorALE
Ski South Pole B 2 by Carl AlveyALE
Ski South Pole B 3 by John BeattyALE
Ski South Pole B 1 by Rob SmithALE
Boomer Jerritt Hiking 02217
Foca de Weddell
Adeline Heymann Iceberg_0449
Ira Meyer Penguins_MG_8577
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