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This long strip of land covers thousands of miles from north to south, If you superimposed a map of Chile on top of a map of Europe, it would stretch from the top of Norway to the Sahara desert. 


Chile is a very safe and varied country in which everything is possible. With a rental car and a good map, or pre organized services, you can immerse yourself in the forests of the austral road, experience the altiplano high plateau, visit the vineyards of the central region, trek in Torres del Paine National Park which are amongst a whole range of activities and options at your disposal and waiting for you to discover. 


Desert & Altiplano / San Pedro de Atacama / Putre

The desert is the southernmost in the world. The landscape is impressive, whether walking through the valley of the moon, enjoying geysers at dawn, or visiting the colonial streets of San Pedro de Atacama. Each scenario is unique and changing.

Central Chile

Santiago de Chile / Valparaíso

Santiago is a vibrant destination: you can choose from a diverse gastronomic selection, a wide variety of accommodation boutique hotels or private houses integrated into  Santiago neighborhoods. The cultural development of Santiago in recent years allows one to experience a different urban experience. Close to the city one can escape to the great vineyards, or experience Valparaiso with its hills dotted with multicolored houses, part of the Unesco heritage. 

Lakes and Volcanoes

Chiloe Island / Austral route

The central region of Chile, "The Switzerland" of Latin America as it is called, is guarded from afar by the Osorno volcano, which peeks out and frames the city of Puerto Varas, distinguished by its houses. pure German in style. Why not drive down the Austral highway, by car or motorcycle, and live a great adventure oh hundreds of miles in the middle of the forest and the fjords?


South Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego

Torres del Paine National Park / Puerto Natales

The magic of Patagonia, the natural sensation of the unexplored and of freedom can be experienced in the Torres del Paine National Park with its great granite mountains, glaciers and wildlife which was chosen as the eighth wonder of the world. Nevertheless, we can't ignore the other side of the Strait of Magellan where we find The land of fire, to explore by car or boat, an unexplored wild and magical autochthonous place.


A very nice way to discover Torres del Paine National Park:

rights: Tierra Patagonia

Some examples of unusual experiences with our philosophy

Trip to the end of the world

Excursions close by glaciers, inside the fjords with exclusive landings, penguins, Cape Horn, feeling like an explorer, with a high class ship.

Searching for cougars in Torres del Paine National Park.

On foot, on horseback or by bike are great ways to experience the national park and its breathtaking landscapes. Another option is to go in search of the elusive puma

Staying in a house with swimming pool and garden in Santiago de Chile 

Tired of boring hotel rooms? afraid with a disappointing Air Bnb ?? 

We have exclusive lodgings (with or without staff) in very good locations. Why not star from there to discover Santiago with a guide on a bike or walking tour?

Kayak inside marble caves at Lago General Carrera

Head down the southern highway over several days with stops in the middle of the nature. Why not make one of those  exploring marble caves by kayak?

Trying a Chilean all inclusive Hotel

Chile has a variety of luxurious active all inclusive hotels, some rated  among the best in the world. Excursions to suit all tastes and activities,  top notch gastronomy or a relaxing spa visit after an active day?

But also…

Sail in order to explore untouched nature and glaciers, cross to Argentina, stay at a local home, share a gaucho experience, visit wineries, and secret places, anything is possible!

desert de sel
Santiago - CHILE
Mont Leon - CHILE
Guanaco - Torres - CHILE
Torres Del Paine - CHILE
Lake Pehoe - CHILE
Torres Del Paine - CHILE
Lake Pehoe - CHILE
Gray Glacier - CHILE
Puerto Natales - CHILE

Chile in slides...

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