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Easter Island

Culturally Polynesian, don't expect to swim, the water is cool. Offset in the middle of the Pacific, air connections are rare, which means you have to stay for several days, and it is better to book in advance.

This mysterious and legendary island is full of moai statues, impressive archaeological sites, volcanoes, places to discover, the island is small but has a diverse offer of restaurants and a good variety of hotels.

Robinson Crusoe Island

Totally isolated in the middle of the Pacific, only reachable by small planes, the island is very mountainous and offers the possibility of scuba diving, and to feel in a totally different atmosphere.

Chiloë Island

A very quick trip from Puerto Montt, and another landscape awaits you. This island is full of multicolored houses (often on stilts), but also many characteristic wooden churches. The local culture is interesting, totally authentic.

Falkland Island

The simplest solution is to fly from Chile and be careful, a minimum of days is required. Great landscapes swept by cold winds, populated by 5 different types of penguins, including king penguins, very easy to observe.      

Robinson Crusoe Island

Island of Easter

Chiloe Island

Falkland Island

The magic of Easter Island in video: 

rights: Hotel Hanga Roa

Some examples of unusual experiences of our philosophy

Easter island

Discover the birdman ceremony in Orongo

Island of mystery and Polynesian traditions are part of the ritual!

Go on a photographic safari among king penguins on the Falkland Islands

Millions of penguins, wander among them and find the best pose.

Chile and Argentina in pictures…

Discover the corners of Chilo Islande by mountain bike thanks to our infrastructure throughout Chile

Thanks to our own vehicles and our network we have our mountain bikes in all the important points of Chile.

Snorkel on Robinson Crusoe Island

Feel like Robinson with bottles and explore the island's pristine depths.

The islands in pictures…

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